Vessels We Maintain

Lauderdale Marine Center the largest boat and shipyard in Fort Lauderdale has been using our diving services since it's opening assisting in the setting of all strap slings on the 75 Tons, 100 Tons and 300 Tons travel lifts at the time of hauling out vessels for drydock and repairs. The City of Fort Lauderdale through the Supervisor of Marine Facilities hired us for a complete sea floor survey of the SW offshore mooring buoys off the Las Olas Municipal Marina at the I.C.W.

We have a long list of of jet driven vessels that have used our expertise and state of the art equipment and underwater LED lights and submersible torches to perform this precise and delicate underwater job including: 170' Swedeship M/Y Braveheart" (Ex M/Y Jefferson Beach") the 132' Heesen M/Y "Mirage" and the 169' Oceanfast M/Y "Mystique" at Derecktor of Florida Shipyard (not shown).

Work Underwater

Rolls-Royce Kamewa Waterjets

Underwater Inspection

SPUR's Rope Line Cutters